Clickabke Monitor does not save...

In Euclid mode, you can only save by clicking on "clickable monitors" scattered through the facility.

However, some monitors are clickable, but you can't save using them !

When you click, instead of centering your view on the monitor and displaying "press F5 to save", it just gets your view closer to the center (as if the centering process started, and stopped imediatly after.)
Even when trying to click multiple times to get the monitor centered, the message never displays, and you cannot save.

I think of the red rooms filled with gas. The monitors are there, the clicking icon is there, but saving soesn't work.
It also doesn't work in SCP-106 room, however it works in SCP-895 room when the monitor is not shut down manually.

Re: Clickabke Monitor does not save...

Dave wrote:Feels bad that this was posted a year ago and nobody has responded. Not even undertow responded. Oh well. Just try alt-tabbing out and back in a few times.

Still surprised that the devs haven't responded yet. That's crap, because this could be a real issue for some people.
We know about this issue. It happens sometimes on monitors which broadcast the feed from cameras.