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Just posting one last time on all my old Forum accounts etc as it may be the last time I ever do, I'm very ill right now (potentially life Threatening)

EDIT: NVM i'm fine now
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Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

suckmylife wrote:
Tue Feb 26, 2019 4:16 am
i dont get it, how come a phone up to $1000. i know they come with tons of cool features, but it's worthy it to upgrade your phone after 6 months for a better-in-paper phone. cause i see they dont change much the perfrom or feature. or the adding things are not too handy and helpful
The last time I updated my phone was about 2 years ago so yeah. When I upgrade to a newer phone I like to make sure I actually need it instead of buying it for niche features, having a phone that can run stuff a lot smoother is always nice but nothing beats a phone that has a feature you have always longed for. Fun fact, when I got my new phone 2 years ago for some reason it couldn't hold it's battery well so I just gave up on using it, in present day it can actually hold it's battery now.
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Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

So sad to hear these forums are closing down. I've spent four years of my whole life on these forums, and I don't think I'd be well adjusted to any other forums without this one.

RIP Undertale Games/SCPCB Forums (2012-2020), you'll be missed by everyone that's enjoyed hanging around here for as long as they've been registered!
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