Re: Youtube Link Thread: Now with more link spam.

Awesomeguy147 wrote:
I see your remix and raise you this: ... re=related

Ahh, Not my remix lol :)

And I've seen the Sparta one. :) - This is one of my Remixes.. Don't hate, I made it years ago lol
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Re: Youtube Link Thread: Now with more link spam.

Here is a copy past of a prior list of YouTube videos I compiled quickly.

StarCrafts: If you like Starcraft, you may like this.

Space Hulk: If you like Warhammer 40k you may like this.

I approve this message: Of yeah, It is election time in the United States.

Data's First Emotion: The hell did I just watch?

Top 50 Skate Clips: Always good for a laugh.

2 Best Sisters Play: Resident Evil 4: I'm no fan of pony's, but I will say that this is very good, even better than the original video even?

Best Deer Shot Ever: Just like Impossible XCOM!

The Spanish Inquisition: An old classic.
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