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Huh, didn't know anyone else here watched Vinesauce, though I only really watch the corruptions and anything that includes Joel. I remember I found some seriously creepy/awesome Earthworm Jim 2 corruptions myself too.
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Re: Random Off-Topic discussion


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FS3 Sign Out: hey, i found a video version of sonic.exe
hug0905: show me
FS3 Sign Out:
FS3 Sign Out: warning
FS3 Sign Out: 2spooky
FS3 Sign Out: watch till the end
FS3 Sign Out: you'll make enough bricks to build a house
FS3 Sign Out: and watch at full volume
FS3 Sign Out: there's no screamer
hug0905: ......
hug0905: To be honest
hug0905: Amy is my favorite sonic character and idk
hug0905: I don't get what i'm watching...
FS3 Sign Out: its a video version of a creppypasta
hug0905: Why does Tails look fat??
FS3 Sign Out: i dont know
hug0905: This is Gmoded or SFMed
hug0905: ok?
hug0905: What did i just wach?
FS3 Sign Out: none of those
FS3 Sign Out: wach? what is that
hug0905: Lol wach
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