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hug0905 wrote:
"Good riddance, gatlinburg. And good luck, you mouth-breathing, toothless, diabetic, cousin-humpin, mountain-dew-chuggin, moon-pie-munchin, pall-mall-smokin, trump-suckin pond scum."

Holy crap, what did Gatlinburg ever do to you?

thank god he's fired from his job because of that senseless comment
Ok, that guy's a dick.
thank god he's fired from his job because of that senseless comment
... Hug, can you just, do me a small favor.Can you just, enter a radio giveaway, win a ticket to Russia, go to the airport, wait in line at the airport's Mc'Donalds, order a breakfast burrito, get yelled at for sexually harassing the cashier with your innuendos, board the plane, get seated in front of the crying kid that's kicking your seat, safely land in Russia, realize you forgot to pack a coat, buy a new one, stub your toe on a pebble, leaving you in mild pain for a seconds, and deliver Vane Brain a box of chocolates for me? I'd greatly appreciate it.

... also that particular statement is dumb, just thought I'd point that out.

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

Cpbald wrote:so if i chat something off-topic in an off-topic discussion am i being on-topic
That's called a Screw Around thread (holy crap, how long has it been since someone said those exact words!?)
I've been around for six years

not saying I'll post anything here anymore

then why tf am i still updating this signature

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