Leaving SCP:CB Development

Hello forum members and guests,

I've come today to post on my behalf a notice of my retiring from SCP:CB modelling ~ it may come as no surprise to some as I rarely have appeared these past few weeks (yes, actually wrapped up in work and being a full time student at college now and wanting to play dota 2 cause its too much fun :<) I can I think empathize now when I hear other people say how they have no time to work cause of School or other things. Yeah, it's pretty nasty spending upto 6 hours in classes a day, and almost double that in just finishing the rest of the work at home.
Modelling in short has been great; I started working on SCP:CB in Fall of 2012 because I absolutely loved this game, the idea of an SCP foundation based game with a randomly generated dungeon and events is an awesome take on a new sort of survival horror game. I started learning to model immediately and pretty soon within a few months able to churn out a couple models that were better than garbage (somewhat).

Now I'd like to hopefully take modelling further than a hobby into some other areas; I've just been so busy that realistically working on a new SCP can take upto weeks. Finding the concept art, drawing concept art, sculpting a high poly realistic model that can take over 20 hours, doing a low poly mesh, rigging, texturing, animating, etc. It's literally a process that many game studios oftentimes have a dozen of workers committed to each small aspect of the process (rather than one person). I realized I sort of dug myself my own grave by volunteering to model for the game and some other people (I'm so sorry SaitoFox :'( ) That having suddenly upto 7 models In one week is too much.

The game is a wonderful Idea but I feel is not even close to it's full potential as a multi-platform survival horror on a more up-to-date engine with a full team working on it. However finding such a team to work on such a free game is just about unattainable in todays harsh world.

In closing:
I'd like to stop and thank some of the most talented people that have come to this game in their own free time to commit their god-sent skills to it:
Thanks Moonsaber for your beautiful concept art and I'm 100% positive you could be one of the best concept artists in the industry if you wanted.
Thanks to RisingStar64 for support, programming and other models.
AutomaticCarrot for helping me with modelling and giving many tips.
Omniary (peanut) for the contributions and support.
Monoclebios for programming SCP-860 and many other aspects of the game.
JuanJPro for SCP-860 work and doing work I asked for but may not be finished to it's full potential.
Regalis for inspiring /V/ with his scp-087-b in which he spawned forth the masterpiece SCP: Containment Breach.
And every other forum member and guest that bothered to come forth with a small contribution or helpful comment into the games development.
and YES, it was me who did the scp-1875 mass message spam on an alt account last year AJJAJAJJAJAJAJ

Re: Leaving SCP:CB Development

Gooooooood memoorriesss... (like not knowing how to unwrap a model properly).

And in case anyone was wondering; I will finish working on SCP-860 first before I go (I wont be able to sleep if its not finished).

Re: Leaving SCP:CB Development

Well that's a pity. Thank you for the all the hard work you've put into SCP:CB. I wish you luck, I'm sure you'll have a bright future as a modeler if you decide to go that way. :)
Mirocaine wrote:And in case anyone was wondering; I will finish working on SCP-860 first before I go (I wont be able to sleep if its not finished).
That's great, it'd be a shame if the project ended up frozen again with all the progress you guys have made lately.