What are you most scared of?

What scares you most in life?.

It might sound stupid, but i really hate ants, to the point i can't even look in the direction they're in.

I have literally no problems with any other insect, even spiders, but ants just about kill me. :'(

Re: What are you most scared of?

I tend to suffer a slight nervousness when moving in high places where i can see the floor below. Like a balcony of an apartment. Doesn't go to the point i want to leave but you know what i mean.

Other than that, i don't think i fear anything else.

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Re: What are you most scared of?

I always have a slight tingle in my feet whenever I'm high up. huehue, high up maaaan

I have also developed a fear of stuttering when making a Lets Play. There is just no way around it as I just think up what I say as I go and 90% of the time, I stutter. It really affects the quality of my videos and I may have to consider doing non-commentaries or post-commentaries.

I also have a fear of smoke alarms whenever mom is cooking something. Those things are loud enough to call every goddamn zombie on the face of the planet.

Understandably, I have rollercoasterphobia. I swear to god, I used to think the car would detach when upside down or I would just fall out my seat when I was younger. I still have those beliefs today.

I also fear skeletons, except when they're dancing.

Re: What are you most scared of?

Let's see here, here is my list of fears;
Fear of heights, darkness, dead bodies, that creaking sound my fan makes at night(I feel like it's gonna come down and hit me in the head any second), roller coasters, sudden loud noises, anything SFK has on his Pictures folder, and some types of gore(see SCP-1981 for details. Don't click if you haven't seen the SCP already/are afraid of some disturbing types of gore).
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Re: What are you most scared of?

I'm afraid of swag.

Nah, not really. :P

What I'm afraid of is darkness, windows, and small glowing objects.

Especially when they're all combined.

I still always see things move in the corner of my eyes at night, and sometimes I actually think it's real.

Re: What are you most scared of?

The night time, i just dont like all the darkness and the trees and crap
Brainwashed madmen, thoughts of afterlife
Brandishing words of a false paradise

Pray to, pray to be saved
See the light get off your knees

Closet minded morals, naivety, deceit
Putting down others for their disbelief

Pray to, pray to be saved
See the light get off your knees