What do you find unsettling?

What unsettles you? It can be an action someone does, a phrase, a situation, an item, the appearance of something, a feeling, anything.

I've always been unsettled by people who are always smiling. I'm not sayin they're happy a lot, I know a girl who will smile almost all day, I'm saying they are always. Smiling. it's dead silent in the room, somethig horrible has just happened, and they're sitting there, smiling. It just feels off.

Also things being where they shouldn't. Like a stethoscope in the middle of the woods. Or a broken swing in the middle of the woods. Most things in the middle of the woods, actualy.

So what unsettles you? And yes I know there's a "what are you scared of thread" but this isn't about what scares you, it's about what gives you that feeling in your spine, that this shouldn't be happening, that something's... Off. I may also be doing market research for my horror game... So keep in mind if your fear is good enough I might use it.
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Re: What do you find unsettling?

Unnatural silence. Just the other night, I awoke to the house so quiet that your own thoughts could probably be heard by other people. It makes you feel like something bad is about to happen, like the calm weather just before a hurricane.

Another thing that unsettles me is HIGHLY realistic paintings portraying some person. The eyes of these paintings always seem to follow you like the painting is...alive.

Mannequins and clown dolls also unnerve me. I don't know why, they're just creepy.

Re: What do you find unsettling?

Spooky scary skeletons!

Okay, time to get serious. Pure silence, especially in Counter Strike when you are 1v1 with the last person on the enemy team and you don't know where he is.

Another thing is the woods just across from the side of my house. I live on the edge of a neighborhood area so I constantly think Mr. Slendyman is just sitting there paying his tax bills.

The Star Wars poster at the edge of my room. Above all my toy guns and slightly behind my TV. I don't like how every single character is just staring at me. Judging my every move...

Re: What do you find unsettling?

The unexplored depths of the ocean...

What horrible things could be down there? Could the myths of horrible beasts lurking within the ocean be true?

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Re: What do you find unsettling?

I'm gonna have to say the same thing as Trex. Not sure if it stems from SM64 or just the idea of something you can't see in the water, but deep, dark water terrifies me. Swimming across a lake is probably one of the most unnerving experiences I can think of to date.

It's probably one of the reasons why SCP-1128 terrifies me so much.
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