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This is the whole Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Story. (P.S: I put this in story form for more enjoyability. And, I put it so nothing much happens on the nights, or this would be 200 Paragraphs long.):

In the year of 1987, Jeremy Fitzgerald, a man very needy of a job, found an ad in the newspaper for the new children's Pizza place, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. The next day, Jeremy gets out of bed, prepares for an interview with the C.E.O of Fazbear Entertainment, and gets the job of a Night Security Guard. He arrives at 11:00 PM at night to get set up. It's a spacious office full of children's drawings, a table, a fan, two vents, and a chair, with a big hallway in front of the office. At 11:59 PM, he gets a phone call from a previous Night Security Guard, named Fritz Smith. Fritz talks about the opening welcome message for the Guards, the same boring stuff all over again. After Fritz is done talking, he wishes Jeremy a good night, and hangs up. After that, Jeremy hears a Laughing. He pulls up his "Faz-Pad", the security pad for the cameras, and sees the "Balloon Boy" from the Game area in his Right Air Vent. Jeremy notices that the Air Vents don't have those door-like-blinder-things that vents usually have. He also noticed he had a Freddy Fazbear Mask. Balloon Boy popped into the office, and scared Jeremy horribly. He threw on the mask, and Balloon boy left, unknowing anything was actually there. Jeremy's watched glowed the Holy numbers, 6:00 AM. Nothing happened for Night 2, Jeremy thought this was going to be a breeze. Same on night 3. On Night 4, that's when Hell broke loose. The Old Bonnie moved into the office. Mike spazed out, and put on the mask. The Lights went out, and Bonnie was gone. He did this for 3 hours straight, until Bonnie was gone, and it became 6:00 AM. On night five, Everything moved. Fritz Smith warned Jeremy that the Animatronics were malfunctioning, and acting horrible. Freddy then popped into the office, Jeremy put the mask on, and he went away. This happened with all the Animatronics. On the 6th day, Jeremy went into work, in his suit, and worked the day shift. Exactly as Fritz Smith told him. That's when it happened. The Bite of 87'. The Mangle activated, and held the Birthday boy up agienst a wall. Jeremy initiated a emergancy state from his office, then another "Animatronic" appeared. It was a Golden Freddy Fazbear. The Golden Fazbear took the kid, opened his mouth, rapped it around the kids Frontal Lobe, and Bit it clean off. Blood was flying everywhere, thats when Jeremy went crazy. He mashed the alert button, parents called the police, and the other guards shut down "The mangle" and ripped Golden Freddy's curcits out.. Paramedics arrived, and took the Kid into the E.R. The pizzeria shut down. Jeremy was out of a job.

Now, Initiate the story of Five Nights at Freddy's 1.

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Irontaco wrote:
RancidBuffalo wrote:It can't be a prequel. There are too many references to the old restaurant.

They probably wrote the wrong date on the check to get out of paying you or something. They look for any excuse they can.
There was another restaurant, a family dinner with freddy fazbear and the others (This is where the golden freddy suit comes from, speculated to have been used for the children murders and this is where the animatronics went insane). Then there's the one in FNAF 2 in 1987 (where the bite happened) and THEN FNAF 1, because of lower budget they only restore the old animatronics and get a smaller place, note that the marionette WAS in FNAF 1's restaurant.

This info is taken from hints given by the guy on the phone and from the after-death minigames.
Yeah, now that I beat it it makes more sense. I was only at night 3 when I heard it was a prequel, so I didn't know about the third restaurant.

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SCP-Sean wrote:8 dollars for america, 5 pounds for england.
Are you trying to complain about the price differences? you know that the two countries have different currencys (I had to say this, sorry :| )
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hug0905 wrote:
SCP-Sean wrote:8 dollars for america, 5 pounds for england.
Are you trying to complain about the price differences? you know that the two countries have different currencys (I had to say this, sorry :| )
OBJE... wait let me check... hmmm... you're actually right. 8 dollars is indeed 5.104 british pounds.

Anyways, I saw a video of the original and the sequel. It indeed looks harder and seems to explain what you're supposed to do better (as far as I know)... but it still doesn't seem scary. It seems to be good at creating atmosphere (assuming you actually know what to do and not being frustrated by confusion), creating the feeling of you losing control of the situation, and it has a somewhat intriguing hidden story. However, what it fails at is actually doing anything with it, because despite how much buildup there could be at times, what it leads up to is an animatronic getting up to your face going "boggydiboogalywoo" and then the game over screen. Although this is the opinion of someone who hasn't played either game so it is very likely I could be wrong.