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SCP-Sean wrote:Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa no.

I'm just saying that I am leaving, and I really didn't enjoy my time here, but I contributed and left, so yea.
Ok, I was just saying that because your actions actions were a bit suspect like, making a comeback thread, quickly followed by a leaving thread, accompanied by insults that could or could not be of the joking manner.

While it would be nice to have a few reasons for why you didn't like it here, I understand you not wanting to stay. The forum really isn't as good as it used to be.

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I didn't start off well and acted like a jackass, I want to start over. I like SCP and all, but I have grown tired of it. The forum is really a place of idea threads that have about 3 posts saying 'Yea thats good' but quickly gets abandoned. I dont like many of the people here either. I have moved on to FNaF, as SCP was unsuccessful for me and I didn't really make friends with anyone here. However, I have been quite successfull with FNaF. I simply love it. However, SCP, despite it being great and all, I have lost interest. I may draw some SCP stuff every now and then and talk about it, but really I am off it now.

I just want to leave now. I may just pop by and see if there are any updates or anything new, but I won't comment any more.

If you want to contact me, here is my steam profile, but please, don't talk to me about SCP. I just don't like it here.


Actually no, dont

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So you're saying you came back just to say you left. Destroying the whole purpose of coming back in the first place. I think you might just be the reincarnation of SCP 513. Starting drama to get attention, leaving, coming back and repeating. It'd work if it wasn't so goddamn obvious. So yeah, see you in about 3 months. I honestly don't mind how long it takes though.
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So was the OP a trick question then? Sorry to hear that you're leaving, your contributions are appreciated and I hope you'll move onto bigger prospects in the heh fnaf fandom, should you find any. And despite the unholy amount of shitposting in this thread, there's nothing wrong with dropping back in whenever if you want. Later. :079_2:

I hate you all
It slep time bunner.