Rides with Strangers

This is a pretty interesting game Fireworks has shown me, I know horror games are mostly dead, but this looks promising. It has its own kickstarter page:
Tell me what you think

Rides with Strangers delivers a truly unique video game experience that puts you in a terrifying and desperate position. Relying on the elements of classic horror films and games before it, Rides with Strangers forces you from your comfort zone and into a terrifying atmosphere that exists within the outside world. Just as in real life every car could be your chance to reach your destination, but the horror that exists inside will not come from creatures from another world, or from the imagination. They will come from within the very human people you will encounter.

Every Stranger who will welcome you into their car tonight has been meticulously constructed, from their design to their dialogue, to represent the link that exists outside of polite society. Will you be prepared to face them knowing that these horrors could very well exist within your real waking world? Will you be able to put down this game and return to your regular life, watching strangers pass, knowing this could happen to you? Whoever you end up sharing the ride with, remember to keep a careful, watchful eye. Remember, despite the small talk, that they are not your savior but a wolf in sheep’s skin.

I even made a video playing the demo
Don't call it a comeback, I never left
Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsE8eN ... DnN6kvweew

Re: Rides with Strangers

I was semi-hoping this was a thread on the actual topic of riding with strangers rather than the game, heh.

But as for the game itself? Well, the demo shows promise. I wish there was more strangers than the Father, although it is understandable that they just wanted to go with one stranger for the demo.
Aside from that, the final game could use some improvements in terms of camera movements, and it would be neat to have an entire forest behind you that you could maybe even explore rather than a .jpg of trees on a wall. But I can see how that would be unnecessary when the game is about riding with strangers, not traversing the forest.