Weirdest Hallucinations You Ever Had

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For this thread, I want you guys to post the weirdest hallucinations you ever had, and guarantee were not dreams themselves.

I actually have two here, and these were when I was very young:
This hallucination was when I was outside in the front yard. I was walking out to the parking lot, despite my mother's warnings. Suddenly, a car pulled up and started to run me over back and forth. Then suddenly, I was in this narrow room, having no idea how to get out. Then I am back at the parking lot, and this time a school bus was running me over back and forth. And then when I got back to reality, I ran back to the front yard.
I was in the kitchen, and suddenly I was being pulled through the floor until I reached the staircase and tumbled down them. Don't remember what happened after that, but it was quite strange.
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Re: Weirdest Hallucinations You Ever Had

Oh Gosh.

Well, The Hallucinations I suffered from were not only Visual but also Tactile. Meaning, I could feel them.

Earlier this Year, I was put on Very Strong Painkillers due to Damaged Nerves since I am a Type-1 Diabetic. One of the Painkillers, Known as Tramadol, Is derived from Opium. After It was giving me Unpleasant Side Effects, My Doctor told me to stop taking them.

That was when the Hallucinations started.

I saw some Wasps on my Bathroom Window and tried to exterminate them. My Brother comes in since he wanted to help and asked me where the Wasps were. I pointed to the Window and he looked at me and said " There is Nothing there.. ".

Everywhere I began to look, I would see Yellow and Black Body Parts start to move towards each other and form a Wasp. They would climb all over me, Sting me and It was Awful. There further away they were or If they partially were hidden from my View, The Bigger they were. I would see Giant Wasps around 10 Feet Long on Walls on the other side of the Room and I would wake up feeling Large Wasps moving past my Leg during the Night. Was this the Worst of it? No.

Spiders. I began to Hallucinate Spiders. Initially, They were Docile. They would just crawl along the Walls and stay in the Corners of the Room. I thought " At least they are leaving me alone.. ". That was a Mistake. Next Dau, When I went downstairs.. I saw Giant Spiders under the Sofas.. These were Black and Oranges Tarantualas and Worst of all..They were all looking at me with their Legs Raised in a Attack Position. I began to have a Severe Panic Attack and phoned my Doctor.. Literally Yelling down the Phone as these Tarantulas began climbing all over me and Biting me. They would crawl under my Slippers and Phase through them Upside Down with their Legs clasping on my Toes and I would feel their Fangs biting me. Whenever I looked out of the Window, I would see Spiders the Size of Cars watching me as they ran around, Hiding behind Trees and Cars. They began trying to avoid my Gaze and were literally Stalking me. They were Everywhere. It went on for Days, Constantly being Stung and Bitten... I was a Mess.

Not all Hallucinations were Bad. I would look at the Walls and see Moving Pictures. I could see Small Stickmen having a Bloody War on my Table and Bed. When I was in the Hospital Waiting Room, I saw People in Funny Hats, Clown Noses etc. an d thought there was some Charity Event or Party going on. Only the Funny Outfits disappeared as People got Closer to me. There is nothing quite like seeing a Man in a Hoodie yelling Swearwords while holding a Sparkling Wand and wearing Fairy Wings on his Back. I would also see Christmas Lights while Driving around and they would even appear in TV Shows. Just Imagine a Serial Killer chasing someone while Sparkling Lights were all over thee Place and they were wearing Clown Shoes and Glowing Make Up.

I also began to experience my Vision distorting into Rainbow Colours. I was literally having a Trippy Experience.

Nowback to the Bad Hallucinations. The Wasps and Spiders wouldn't leave me Alone... It was happening so much that I guess I just got Used to them.. Weird, Right? It became more of an Annoyance. Though, Things were still going downhill. I walked into my Bedroom one Night and as I reached for the Lightswitch, I saw a Pair of Giant Mandibles reaching for my Hand. I stepped back and they slowly disappeared into the Darkness. I slowly edged into the Room and turned on the Light..

Giant Centipedes everywhere. They had the same Faces as the Spiders but unlike thee Spiders which became Smaller as they got Closer to me.. These Centipedes remained Giant. I tried to calm myself as I got into Bed.. No matter what I did to tell myself that these were not Real.. They never went away. Only at times when I blinked would these Hallucinations " Reset " as I restarted a Video. Think of the Detective Mode from Batmn: Arkham Origins where you can Rewind a Scene. One Night, I went to Bed and saw Two Large Centipedes on my Feet. They were watching me and then started.. How can I explan this.. Dancing? They began moving and weaving around my Feet. it was like a Gynastics Show from a Circus. Thankfully, They Never Bit or Hurt me. But these were not the Worst.

While returning Home from the Hospital, I experienced something Worse as I looked down at the Floor of my Car.

Tentacles. A Giant, Ugly, Black Tentacle was waving around through the Floor of my Car. I wasn't sure what It was at the time since It kept phasing up and down through the Floor. Until I got out of the Car to pick up some Quick Groceries. I saw Tentacles raising out of the Ground in many Colours and they were pressed against the Windows and sticking out between the Shelves in the Store. I began to become more and more Anxious.. As I drove Home and stpped at a Traffic Light, That Disgusting Black Tentacle gave my Foot a Huge, Wet Slap. I Jumped and had another Panic Attack.. When I arrived Home and went to take my Coat off in my Room, I saw Tentacles beginning to form under my Bed Sheets and everywhere else I looked. I took off my Jacket and forgot about a Plaser I had on my Elbow after a Blood Test. I looked at it and only saw a Wet, White Tentacle hanging off my Arm.. I was in Tears. It was becoming too much. I was already dealing with Severe Clinical Depression and Extreme Pain from Damaged Nerves as well as being Bitten and Stung by those Awful Spiders and Wasps. So Fearing I would have Tentacles sprouting all over me.. I ran downstairs in a Frenzy and tried to Overdose on Painkillers. My Family Members stopped me and called an Ambulance and I was back in Hospital again. I was seeing Tentacles rising from the Ground and Walls. They were coloured similar to the Surface they appeared on. They even appeared on my Food and in my Water Bottles. It was a Nightmare. I had to close my Eyes and Force myself to Eat.

I was admmitted into a Ward where my Doctors began to try and Isolate which of my Painkillers were causing the Hallucinations. Or If the Hallucinations were a Withdrawal Effect. I was in Hospital for a Month or so and eventually the Hallucinations stopped.. As I was discharged from the Ward, I would occasionally still see Faded Moving Pictures and Stick Men trying to kill each other but those eventually stopped.

I haven't experienced anymore Hallucinations, Thank God. That was a Horrible, Horrible Experience but also somewhat Interesting. Still, I never want to experience those again. Ever.

Well. That is my Experience.. That was quite alot to Write.
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Re: Weirdest Hallucinations You Ever Had

Well I don't exactly remember much but at the start of this year I started to take tablets that would dissolve into the water, they tasted absolutely horrible like some kind of rotten mint or fruit, that was all fine and well (Even though I hated taking them) although I started hearing some sort of audio illusion while trying to sleep, people crying and screaming, I spent that whole night just staring out of the window, eyeing off every moment whether it'd be tree's moving or a cat running along the fence.

Now if that's not enough about 2 weeks after continuously taking them, my mother was driving me home during the day, I started seeing shadow people everywhere and for whatever reason this really freaked me out so when I got home I grabbed the tablets and threw them straight into the bin without looking back and well, I have new tablets now and I haven't experienced anything like that again.

Although in truth sometimes when I wake up I guess I can't see very well and I think I see a shadow person looming over me as if watching me sleep, I am guessing that's just something to do with waking up though.
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Re: Weirdest Hallucinations You Ever Had

Let me first say that I have hallucinated by taking LSD and Mushrooms many, many times. However, the absolutely most insane hallucinogenic experience I have ever had came about while I was suffering some brutal, torturous alcohol withdrawals. I was physically and mentally suffering so badly. Every ticking of the clock was its own hell. I hadn't slept in almost 48 hours. I was desperate to grab some amount of rest. The withdrawals were still escalating, nowhere near done with me. In this desperation, I took a pile of NyQuil type sleeping pills. I lost track of how many, but I remember my Brother In Law being upset about finding an empty box. I did not achieve sleep, instead I had a complete psychotic break from reality.... that lasted for a month!! My hands were ultraviolet and see through. I kept trying to hit the light switch, but my hands would just go right through them. I kept seeing people, lines of people, just walk into my apartment without my permission (even though the door was locked). A Viking Warrior looked on with extreme disappointment when I couldn't wrap the vacuum cleaner cord back up properly, I left a trail of my Nieces' stuffed animals from my door to the parking lot for a baby that I thought was too scared to come in, and I spent hours begging an overhanging light bulb not to call The Cops on me. I found a way to procure booze during this period. I hid all of it in the bushes outside my apartment and drew a map to find it all (which was surprisingly accurate). Unbeknownst to me, I was going in and out of Delerium Tremens the whole time. My blood pressure was at a stroke level. Then, finally, I woke up in a psychiatric hospital somewhere here in Downtown Houston, Tx. They had begun to give me Librium and some flavor of Benzodiazepines.... the psychosis finally abated. I had not slept properly in a month. As you can imagine, I slept almost all day for a whole week at the clinic, waking up only to receive the administration of the precious relaxers coming in pill form. This experience showed me how fragile and powerful the mind is. I pushed mine too hard, and it pushed back. It pushed me to the furthest, darkest, and most dangerous corners of the mental universe.

Re: Weirdest Hallucinations You Ever Had

WhiteAce wrote: Although in truth sometimes when I wake up I guess I can't see very well and I think I see a shadow person looming over me as if watching me sleep, I am guessing that's just something to do with waking up though.
I know that feel.
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