Questions and then banned?

How do i contact the owner of the discord server and ect.

Irontaco on discord banned me because I wanted to know why he removed my mod.

if your some one that can do some thing for me ill give you the whole run down.

Irontaco here msged me saying "I hope you don't mined me removing your garbage mod"

so in respond i told him "yes i have a problem with that"
and i said " as i see it my mod has as much right to be there as the my little pony mod does"
then i asked him why he removed my mod
I also asked what rules i disobeyed
then he posted a pic of my mod and i said "so"
then he banned me and pruned all my msgs

This is 100% truthfully what i said and i wasn't acting rude. I was completely calm. I still want to know why my mod was removed even if I get back into the discord server or not.
As you can tell I feel like I was banned wrongly and this is the only action i can take at the moment to get it possibly fixed.