SCP-087-B Unity Edition (V0.4.4)

So, I've been working on a full blown Unity remake of SCP-087-B, I'm a fan of SCP-087-B myself, and I really wanted someone to port it into the Unity Engine, now though, I'm pretty much making the remake of the short experimental game into a expanded game.

For anyone who doesn't know, SCP-087-B is a short experimental game by Regalis, considered to be the stepping stone of SCP: Containment Breach, the game is a randomly generated environment, having you walk down a stairwell with random events and random appearances of entities.
Around somewhere at or below the 130th floor, the walls close in from behind the player, while in front of them is blocked, the screen darkens dramatically, and they will be ambushed by the Masked Man
Due to the game having 2 Windows builds, 2 Linux builds, and 1 Mac builds, I cannot fit all the Mediafire links into 1 forum page, thus its all down here So, what is meant to be in SCP-087-B Unity Edition? Well, its meant to have new rooms, events, a expanded ending (Though thats somewhat implimented), new enemies (Same thing), new textures (Again), new sounds, and much more. The project is not only importing the original SCP-087-B into the Unity Engine, but also SCP-087-B Extended Edition with the permission of the original creator, JackFastGame.
Size comparison:
Original: 4.42 MB
Unity v0.1: 21 to 25 MB
Unity v0.2: 23 to 29 MB
Unity v0.3: 26 to 32 MB
Unity v0.4: 31 to 38 MB
Unity v0.4.4: 35 to 42 MB
Videos can be found, but they are scarce, unlike SCP-087-B Extended Edition, at the time of writing this, there is no v0.4 or v0.4.4 video
The most up to date video is here:
Oh and uh, spoiler, theres a new Masked Man model.
Any feedback is appreciated, criticism is accepted to improve upon the game, those may come in seperate patch updates
Known bugs:
  • Depending on the resolution, the level loader reveals a blue background
  • When in the Vanishing Masked Man event, the fog sometimes doesn't decay
  • The ending's fog doesn't cover the whole screen with white