087 - The Oh Eight Seven | Demo-version teaser

We glad to present to you the teaser of inspired by SCP-087-B game called 087! We tried to explain the coming gameplay of the demo version in the video: what will the game give us, what is the game preparing for us... and much more.

The teaser:

087 is a psychological supernatural horror game that inspired by SCP-087-B
The team's target sounds like this: to create an interesting horror game with a long narrative that will contain well-known original game mechanics and realize new game dev trends. And we plan to achieve this target. And our more concrete goal is to close the 087 project that contains some things of the original game and realizes new story, beautiful, well-stylized graphics, good performance, and atmospheric sounds describing game-happening context. ...and our goal is to reach an extraordinary level in arts of interactions.

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