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I like, actually love these. Thank you so much for putting in the effort and extra-mile for them. The aesthetic appeal (and realistic look) is fantastic, the equipment & layouts are more akin to real-life submarines, and they all perform excellently. Perhaps the only issue I have is that they're cramped, and though you have many fine control buttons they're poorly labelled and understood without the use of the manual you've written. But all those problems are overcome if you're using a team that know the submarine well enough and can coordinate, which clearly is what they're intended for. (Also stacking like, floating lockers through walls ontop of terminals is kinda bad-looking buuut)

8/10 for aesthetics, 9/10 for layout design, 7/10 for intuitiveness & creativity, 10/10 for performance.


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I agree, these are some of best subs I've seen; I love the the practicality of the designs, realistic look and feel to them, and the performance they all have. Perhaps the only complaint I have is the same as what Esoudire had aforementioned, being that the labels on buttons are not very intuitive (I later learned what these did by perusing through the forum) and the cramped feeling I get mainly on the Tigershark due to the placement of cabinets and weapon racks hidden away behind things. (The tigershark is still a favorite)

These make me feel inspired to design my own sub, but I'm new to the game and am not quite sure how to proceed with sub building.

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Haven't been maintaining this thread or this pack ever since it became clear that the official release will hopelessly bug them all out, but to clear the air:

- The exploding depth charge in the Daggerfish isn't something I've experienced, so I'd chalk it up to server lag and descending while firing. That said, to be on the safe side I'd move them a bit further out for another release.

- They are usable on a server. I'd recommend the demilitarized ones if you aren't playing with friends who are even slightly serious.

- I like how all the best compliments were after I was already burnt out, but thanks, fellas. Being cramped was intentional, and if it were up to me there would be all kinds of overhead storage spaces and whatnot. A spacious sub is for civilians. The labels date back to the earlier 0.4 days, before you could actually rename the tooltip when you hover over them. Another update would involve naming those.

- Lastly, *all* submarines have fuel rods accounted for. My only explanation is that a certain somebody didn't inspect the overhead locker in the Tigershark and that another certain somebody decided to just take the blind man's word for it.

Other than these, the subs are still functional as of the latest patch, and there's nothing significant to add or remove. The revolvers had their capacity increased from 4 to 6 so all of the service pistols in the militarized boats would have to be filled up, and there was a single open ballast crossfeed valve on the Tigerfish I overlooked, but neither are game-breaking. If anyone else wants me to fix these and perhaps add something more, let me know. I'll be around for a bit.
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United Colonies Navy Ship Pack - UPDATED: 28 MAY 18
The Sailor's Manual - UPDATED: 1 JUNE 18

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Warhawk wrote:
Thu May 17, 2018 3:29 am
What if I want to modify these boats to be even more server-friendly, or mod-friendly?

Go ahead. I already know that some folks took the Spearfish into BTE, although I haven't seen it posted to this forum.
Aaaaah they'd be talking about the Rarity Belle, a single person job i might add, Its not just a straight port mind you. Shes got works for bte and bte+ including Camera systems, armory, docked shuttle, spaced layered armor, sonar suite, backup generators, an actual proper medbay and some misc wiring job among alot of other changes. Would be glad to give it off to anybody better ad sub editing than i am if they want it ~
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