How to kill SCP 079 idea "Your best bet is to pee into it somehow"+ SCP ideas

I don't know about any of you, but when SCP 035 made his speech, I though he said pee instead of appeal to it somehow. It gave me the idea for a way to kill SCP 079, creating a "cup of pee" with SCP-294 and being able to use it to kill SCP-079 by pouring the cup onto it, short circuiting him and killing him.

3 other ideas here.

A burn victim SCP that is in a hospital bed and has a table next to him, the room contains a table with an omni keycard and a false exit room. If you pick up the keycard the SCP turns his head and then you begin to burn alive and if you go through the false exit the door closes and the hallway catches on fire you begin to burn alive in a cutscene similar to being cured by SCP 049.

An SCP that is a simple hat, but when you put it on you scratch yourself to death due to a unknown type of lice infesting your body.

An SCP that has reincarnated as a result of human wars, when a war happens, he reincarnates and fights, called the spirit of war. Not harmful but was a member of chaos insurgency prior to being captured.

And an SCP that has the ability to control animals by guiding them with his eyes or arms, for this reason his body is restrained in a chair. The SCP isn't dangerous in itself, but staying in the room too long will cause the player to go insane due to the animal sounds emitted in the room coming from an unknown origin since the SCP's mouth is restrained.

Re: How to kill SCP 079 idea "Your best bet is to pee into it somehow"+ SCP ideas

The first bit of the post seems like a joke.

As for the rest, only already-established SCPs on the foundation wiki are considered for addition. You should create SCPs for the purpose of showing off your neat ideas to the community and showcasing that you can create strange or horrifying entries about anomalous objects, and not solely to get them included in Containment Breach.

Also, that was four other ideas, not three.