(BTEP) Class A Station BTE 8.4 Plus 1.9 PR (update!)

I added some new things to this station, such as: personal oxygen generator for prisoners, reinforced diving suits for prisoners (it actually fits them very well), not without to mention i gave the cap a grenade launcher, railgun and a exclusive pulse pistol for him.
Security have new pistols, which are very powerful and can kill really well, and also some automatic shotguns that will help a lot in tight situations.
There's also a secret gun! It's obviously a traitor's gun, good luck finding it! ;)
I didn't make this station, credits to the original owner of this station.


https://drive.google.com/file/d/116xDLB ... sp=sharing
Added a new cargo room! It has some spicy things in there that only the cap can see them!
Added self destruction (It's not that good, but i will improve it over the time).
Gave the cook some tasty velonaceps calyx eggs for cooking!
Be aware that 1 update means 1 broken vodka bottle in the center of the station. I'll keep updating this over time.