Re: SCP 372 = Peripherial Jumper. (Being made by chris0matic

MrJPenguin1 wrote:
I second that. I definitely wouldn't mind seeing him if you know what I'm saying!
Off topic: Adding "If you know what I'm saying" actually scares me a bit :|

On topic:
chris0matic wrote:His body had to be redone AGAIN!This is his finished Body! I am getting a head from miro and adding Armatures
It looks a lot more aesthetically pleasing than the original :) I could never get a good look at the first one, even though that is sort of the point. Keep it up :D

Re: SCP 372 = Peripherial Jumper. (Being made by chris0matic

*posted after wrongly posted in the intro thread*

Interesting progress so far, I might add, it's definitely shaping up here and there. If you can, I'd suggest you'd lengthen and narrow down his legs, I imagined them spider-like and very thin. Possibly make them different lengths as well?

I just think that seeing something extremely gangly and thin flicker across the screen would be scarier than a bunch of this legs. Plus, it'd make his movements seem more erratic and startling.
It slep time bunner.