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ApplePiah wrote:"Dr. Conner Syphentotics I should mention that even though it looks the same... It's actually the normal revolver. Also-- Please let us be. We don't need someone to record us.

Output: SCP: Containment Breach; has almost no bugs

Input: A video feed modified to have half of the actual feed; Feed is Dr. Conner Syphentotics complaing to Dr. Roth
Setting: 1:1
Query: I will let Imperfect, or anyone else answer this one. I still have to say sorr- WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU? ~Dr. Syphentotics

Re: SCP-914 Forum Game

Output: Other Half of the video feed.

"[CAMERA JAMMED]" [email protected] (%&@

Input: A project from Dr. Conner Syphentotics; Unfinished
Setting: 1:1

"[CAMERA JAMMED]-- Will -- [STATIC] (moments after the camera has been fixed from jam) because I feel like I want to forgive him. I'd admit I was jealous a little because I wanted that-- This is the second time. Go out and-- [TAPE ENDS]." ~Dr. Roth

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Output: A bowl of seasoned mashed potatoes and a note with "Happy belated Thanksgiving!" written on it.

Input: An instance of SCP-939.
Setting: 1:1

"It's a long-shot, but perhaps this test could offer clues to the genetic heritage of 939. Such information could be useful for determining the possibilities of the existence of 939 subspecies." - Dr. Imperfect

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ApplePiah wrote:Output: A instance of a Monitor Lizard; overgrown and appears to be the same size as 939

"My new pet" ~Dr. Roth

Input: The Matrix
Setting: Very Fine

"... Paradox?" ~Dr. Roth
Output:All persons within 10 feet of the output booth claimed they heard a voice asking them ''Would they take the blue or the red pill'',half of them are undergoing physiological treatment.

Input:Dr. Roth's ''new pet'',one instance of an anomalous duck,SCP-999,SCP-131,and SCP-111,

Happy holidays!-Dr.Murkov

Re: SCP-914 Forum Game

Output: A single-eyed amorphous reptilian. Made angry honking noises when it moved.

"What the :EXPUNGED: is this :REDACTED:?" - Dr. Imperfect

Intake: A blueprint for a hypothetical perpetual motion device.
Setting: Very Fine

"If this test goes as planned, this could be an astounding scientific breakthrough." - Dr. Imperfect

Re: SCP-914 Forum Game

Output: A blueprint showing a structure that would seem to destroy the moon entirely; Some words such as DESTROY and HUMANITIES END appear at random intervals when not being observed

"I don't need any more info..." ~Dr. Roth

Input: Murkov's pet fish in it's unclean bowl; appears to have Swim Bladder
Setting: Fine

"I'm keeping this fish when the fish comes back from the output" ~Dr. Roth