[STORY] Longest round ever

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[STORY] Longest round ever

Postby Brinelex » Sun Jul 09, 2017 11:38 am

So, I'm a little bit new to this forum, but we're not here to talk about that. I wanted to share with you a story that happened on a round on the ARS-Epic survival server.
I want to share this because I didn't find anyone else talking about their best rounds in Barotrauma, and I think It's a shame, because I find some stories fascinating to read.
I hope I can do that and it's not out of place.

So, the round started, and I was a mechanic. 3 peoples were on the server : Me, Trexdude (captain) and Cordon (engineer). Our mission was fairly simple : "Hunt down and kill a Tiger tresher". Our submarine was medium-sized and had a shuttle. We are activating the reactor, and everything is good to go. We start to go down, everything is fine, some players start to join the round, so we wait for the respawn shuttle. While waiting, the captain asks me to go explore some nearby ruins to find some loot. So I explore the ruins, kill a guardian, and find an alien weapon that I bring back to the sub. The shuttle is here, with 2 players inside (I don't remember their names). So now, we have 5 players on the sub, everything is going well, we take drugs, we play hot potato, the submarine is going to the objective. When suddenly, one of the player that just arrived (I'll call him Traitor) launch a stun grenade on me and Cordon before stealing the shuttle on our sub (a very dangerous shuttle that has one railgun on each outer wall), shooting while going away from us. Of course, we start chasing him, and he manages to crash into a wall. We stop our engines just when we are on top of him, looking through the windows and seeing that Traitor is still alive and is desperately trying to fix his shuttle. We load a nuke shell into a railgun, hoping that it will finish him off. After hearing the explosion, I volunteer to go check if he's still alive and, if he is, finish him off with a harpoon. I go outside, get close to his shuttle, and before I can scream "Help", I receive a railgun shell in the chest. Traitor go outside to get my body inside of the shuttle, but he was apparently bleeding, because he dies moments later. Trexdude, after noticing that I don't answer to his calls, retreive my body and revive me (I was in coma). I thanks him, but Traitor respawns in another shuttle. Trexdude and Cordon stun him, and he get thrown into the command room (with handcuffs on, of course). After all of that trouble, we manage to get to the Tiger Tresher and kill it with ease. Nothing really interesting happened after that.

It took somewhere around 2 hours to finish this mission.

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Re: [STORY] Longest round ever

Postby QuickLoad » Thu Jul 13, 2017 12:43 pm

that was a nice read :)

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Re: [STORY] Longest round ever

Postby stamin » Sun Jan 07, 2018 4:34 pm

Man this story is fascinating such a good round and i still cannot found how did you guys didn't just restart, man i hope i find a ARS with such good guys like you had :)

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