Nearby predators attracted to blood/corpses

Whenever something dies, usually a larger predator. any nearby crawlers, mud raptors, etc. get attracted to its corpse or any blood that's coming from it, they could start a feeding frenzy and cause a potential creature hazard to the submarine if the corpse is nearby the sub.

This is based off behavior of sharks that swarm around a corpse, for example, a dead whale can trigger them to swarm around it and start feeding, usually in a pack.


Re: Nearby predators attracted to blood/corpses

I definitely agree with this, I also feel like it should be easier to remove bodies from the ship using an airlock or some sort of possible ejection system. I also had an idea of a way to prevent this which would be an occupation such as a janitor. This is of course, not a top priority for the developers but maybe at some point after they work on main things, they could add a job that allows you to clean up blood and remove corpses from the ship or put them in a designated room. This would be a job entirely for preventing monsters like the ones you suggest from attacking the ship.