The Sea Hind [Custom Submarine]

The Sea Hind
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The Sea Hind is a helicopter themed submarine. Designed somewhat after the real Hind, this submarine has everything you need in one small package. It contains all crafting stations, as well as a small amount of crafting supplies. It has its ballast in the roof, so it's not recommended to open it unless in an emergency. Fast and lightly armed, it has a single gun on the bottom right, as well as a searchlight with a depth charge on the back. It can go about 30 km/h on both the x and y axis, and is quite maneuverable.


[Download: ... a+Hind.sub]

Re: The Sea Hind [Custom Submarine]

rico6822 wrote:"Larger pumps could be moved downstairs and replace small pumps".

No from 1 to 10 rating in here due to submarine being a form of art.
That would cover a cabinet. The lower floor has small pumps so that a pump and a cabinet can nicely overlap. The ballast has large pumps because they fit and make the thing fast.

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