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Re: Guards idea

I think a guard that has completely lost it would be an idea with potential, kinda like what Halo did in one of its levels. [youtube]watch?v=HRB-paQnS6s[/youtube] I'm thinking basically like in the video. A guard has been driven to insanity, perhaps by 513, and shoots you thinking you're 513-1. Thin...

Re: Random Off-Topic discussion

I remember the Offended page on Dramatica. Don't look it up. It's uh, well it's certainly a shock thing to say the least. It's filled with a lot of shock images and gifs. I remember Harlequin fetuses and a gif of a pig getting its head cut off. Those poor babies. I hate the fact that they probably d...

Re: Chatty or Silent Protagonist?

I don't know, but I like the type of characters where they don't speak at all, but they have a voice. Take Miles Upshur from Outlast. He doesn't speak at all, but he screams. You can hear his emotions and the fear he feels. The developers also give him a personality through his writing and notes, bu...

Re: SCP-1048-A Infection Revamp

Yes, I like this. Making the infection to where it's more than just a message and actually make going around 1048 is a nice idea! As it is now it's just like "oh I have ears growing on me cool". The layout is also cool. Maybe add some ear silhouettes in the little layout too.

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