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Re: SCP - Nightmares

Game News: Most of the Nightmare storyline has been written check out the indieDB page to see it! EDIT: SCP-Nightmares is 25th of the Top 100 most popular on IndieDB now! We're excited to announce this, mainly because the game hasn't even ...


Alright, that looks like a plan. I'll do that until I can buy it.
EDIT: When I tried to download RPMVXAce it said my free trial had ended.
Then I downloaded RPMVX and it said the file's signature was incorrect so I guess I am going to have to buy it soon if I want to make a game.

Re: SCP - Nightmares

And I won't be able to do much art, music, and so on becuase my birthday is in February and the preparation and aftermath is completely chaotic. Happy birthday, but anyway. I saw the websites' changes and I liked them. It's good that you can still work in completely chaotic aftermath but if it is r...

Re: SCP - Corridors

SCP-Ideas? Here are a lot to choose from. They are handpicked and picked because I thought they were interesting: SCP-978 SCP-583 SCP-370 Wow... That took me 2 hours. Also, if you need any music, I can ma...


Can't wait.
Trying not to bombard you with trailers, but if any new updates come out, I might do a let's play AND a new trailer.
I made a Six-Eight-Two trailer too, and sent an email to Divinity just to ask for permission, but they haven't responded. I didn't even UPLOAD IT YET, and no answer.

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