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Re: [0.9.3] Box of Horrors - A Compilation Mod v0.6.2 (SCP-1

What do you do with SCP-005 and 009 and the Cyrstal thing? Oh, the key does any door not into a dimension The Skeleton Key is basically a Keycard Omni but with a special twist - it can even open most doors with numerical keypads. The Red Ice is a hazard. Avoid it at all costs. I'm assuming by the l...


Hope I'm not breaking a couple rules here, since this is a discussion thread that's months old, but...some of the drinks in the .ini file have apostrophes in their names, but there's no apostrophe key on the keyboard of The Coffee Machine to get them dispensed. Shouldn't something be done about that?

Re: [v0.9.1] SCP-294 More drinks mod

There's drinks for Knives in here? Perhaps you forgot how it works. The Coffee Machine cannot create cups of items that cannot exist in liquid state as proven by several tests. And I quote from the SCP wiki: Test runs with solid materials such as diamond have failed, however, as it appears that SCP-...

Re: V.0.9.3 Bugs

Kev wrote:-While inside SCP-008, SCP-173 doesn't react when closing my eyes and when I look away.
It can react, but most of the time it doesn't. In the event that it does, it usually moves too far and snaps your neck anyway (Or sits right in front of your face, if you have godmode on).

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