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Re: What was your best/scariest/funniest SCP-CB moment

-snip- Back in my day, they didn't have all those fancy shenanigans​. 173 would teleport on top of you and snap your neck, while 106 would be a lot faster and walk as the crow flies straight towards ya. 096 would get angry even though you looked at the ground and 049 would chase you down through th...

Re: Textures Flickering

Nehpys wrote:The only physics related thing in the game is dropping items, and no one cares about that.
Excuse me?
I love dropping items.
I live for dropping items.
I breathe dropped items.
I am dropped items.

Re: My suggestions

Hubbawubba64 wrote: What I meant was that 096 probably isn't going to flinch in a tesla gate if an anti-aircraft missile or whatever it was slowed him down for just a few seconds. I think an animation might be appropriate though.
OP said 049, not 096.

Re: SCPCB on Xbox?

Nehpys wrote:Blitz3D doesn't support anything off of Windows, and it by its self doesn't support Windows that well due to it using DirectX7.
Well, it supports Windows very well already... Just not the latest versions.

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