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Re: Explain your Avatar v2

A red Shy Guy (not this "Shy Guy": :096: , Mario's one...) I found on Google Images, there are tiny subliminal hints in the image that relate it to my username... (but I think most people out there won't notice them, they're really well hidden! :P )

Re: eric

The Site is experiencing multiple Keric and Ericlid level Containment Breaches, full site ericdown initiated. I think the shortest way out is through the southeric wing, follow me! Oh thank god, somebody actually found eric. I thought I was eric for a moment there.*chucklerics* Come on out, you're ...


Why are there many SCP-066 in the game? The article doesn't mention anything about how many of them there are, so it can be assumed that there is only one... I like this SCP though because it's a non-aggressive roaming SCP, while it may look pointless it makes you feel like there is an actual breach...

Re: Break-A-Wish Game

Granted, when you get it an incredibly rare Bug pops-out and restarts the game interely, rewriting the save and making you play from the beginning all over again with every progress you made vanished.

I wish I could get all the games published on IndieDB and ModDB for free forever...

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