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In the 096 termination logs, there's mentioning of a SCRAMBLE gear thingy.
Perhaps you could find a broken one and fix it with 914? It would be a way to make the Generator room easier.

Re: SCP-035?

Brunou8 wrote:I wonder if the next update will contain more SCPs than just SCP-035.
I certainly hope so.
I'm sick of waiting for 860 :laugh:

What is this change?

I recently went to the SCP Containment breach website and saw that
in the top-right corner, instead of 173 is some... weird mask/ face... thing.
Nonetheless, it's pretty damn creepy.
I was wondering, is this hinting at an upcoming addition?


Sounds like a good idea in concept, may I ask what is leaving these footprints? Is it blood or some other remains of him tearing someone apart. Also I would like to add there should be some evidence on why he broke out of his chamber, as we know he's rather calm unless someone viewed his face. And ...


Well, I have an idea for 096 here. How about in the area where the door to his containment chamber WOULD be is bent and smashed open, and a trail of footprints leads from there to his NEW room, where he loiters and kills the MTF. It would allow players to stumble across 096 purely out of the curiosi...

Re: MODELING REQUESTS: SCP-860-1 (The Forest)

I know I suggested the monster being more unnerving, but I kinda went away from that and made a concept/drawing of my idea for 860-1. Just to say, the hands look a bit weird, I tried to go for cracked skin.

Re: SCP-205

This SCP should really be oficially added to the game, and your
models look fantastic.
I think that you only have to make the eyes look more evil and the 'snouts' more deformed.

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