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Re: I would like to add this SCP to the Game and I made a kind of "Document" for it, I hope you are putting P.S. I have

Zanzo595 wrote:snippet
Well... at least you tried. Unfortunately, you can't just make up an SCP here and expect it to be added. The only objects/entities that can be added are ones that come from the actual SCP Foundation site.

A new addition to 895

I believe that a Fractal Basilisk would make a great addition to one of SCP-895's images, such as the one located on the SCP=001 page. What's a Fractal Basilisk you might as? A Fractal Basilisk is essentially an image that kills anyone who sees it due to their brain not being able to process it. A g...

Scp-049 MAV in V1.2.3

I know I should have posted this in bug reports , but nobody has been active on there for a while and if this thread is moved or locked that's fine but the issue at hand is that in the latest version, I get an MAV when throwing the switch in SCP-049's chamber. I was wondering if any of the programm...

[1.0] Gate B is Inaccessible

After reaching the electrical center, I turned off the door controls, spoke with 079, then returned to the electrical center and turned the doors back on. However, when I did this, SCP-079's message "The doors to Gate B are now open" did not play. When I got to Gate B, the door wasn't open, and kept...

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