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Re: V 1.0.4 Error User Lib Not Found

I load my game up, on Windows 8, the launcher comes up. I have this nice, Acer HD screen. I load up the game, press Launch, it doesn't launch. It gives me this error saying "Unable to load 3D screen." What's that all about? Is the screen part of a laptop or is it just a monitor, and can you give me...

Re: V 1.0.4 Error User Lib Not Found

I found a method that works for people with windows 8, I got mine to work, I deleted the 1.04 patch and redownloaded the 1.05 patch, I right clicked on the scp contaimentbreach loading app and pressed "extract" and since then it has worked for me, I thought I would pass it on so everyone else can t...

Re: A LOT of V1.0.4 Windows 8 bugs

I wish I could offer more solutions but I only come bearing more problems. My apologies. I will be working to find solutions for those after I've fixed the main problem at hand. First off, some MAVs are unavoidable when playing on an 8.1 OS, but I've been having a consistent problem that apparently ...

Re: V 1.0.4 Error User Lib Not Found

juanjpro wrote:The game depends on 3 DLLs: FastExt.dll, FastText.dll and winfix.dll

Check if you have all three.
I do, I also have FreeImage.DLL

I saw on a blitz forum and some other forums that FreeImage DLL's tend to be problematic if dealt with incorrectly. I still don't know if it should be deleted or not.

V 1.0.4 Error User Lib Not Found

Hello everybody, I'm sure some of you may be aware of this error message, but it comes up for me every time I start up the game. A black startup box, (presumably the Launch menu) following the error, User Lib Not Found, appears. I assume this has something to do with the DLL files. Any thoughts? tha...

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