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Re: Five Nights at Freddie's

you guys are confusing Jump scares with Scary. jump scares scare you by popping out and making loud noise, like alittle sister that jumps out and says boo. but is a little sister scary? not really. the game is scary. its atmosphere and characters are the most frighting thing i have ever seen. please...

Re: Help Saito!

thats one of the weapons.
Red: Broken ( 50 or below legacy items)
Purple: Perfect or Legacy (1000 legacy item)
Yellow: Rare ( 950 Legacy role)
NO aura: Normal (51 - 949 Legacy)

Help Saito!

I am making an MMO alongside SCP WANDER please go and watch the project, and even partake in the pre-game event going on, information on the second image. Partaking in the event, and watching the project will help greatly for i will need LOADS of beta-tester...

My health

Hello everyone, sorry to burden you all with this, but lololord said this was pretty important. and i should tell you whats up. for about 6 months now i been battling some kind of Super Dangerous Parasitic Intestinal worm from the thread worm familia. i recieved it from work while working with shipm...

Hello Everyone.

Hello everyone, everyday starting 2 hours and 44 minutes ago i will be streaming for 1 - 2 hours taking Game creation requests. Up on the que right now is : Lost Terra Est.Completion time: 3 hours 1/3 hours completed what happend so far: [youtube]TF_I7mHXxpM[/youtube] thank you and please Like, Fav ...

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