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I'm not 13...I'm 15 and plus I'm not a fanboy I'm was just asking what other people thought of it. Plus I know there's rules. It's just that I despite bullying because I lost two close friends because of it. I'm sorry if I somehow offended anyone because of my opinions but thats how I feel.


So you actually believe that there's a film with a 200k budget with markiplier as an actor. You must be extremely retarded. were you dropped as a kid? Over and over? You know, people like you don't realise how this could affect some people. Comments like this is bullying and it could take people a ...


Has anyone else heard about the new SCP movie they're planning. Apparantly its going to be based off both the SCP Foundation and Containment Breach. The producers say they're going to be spending $195,000 or more and they are trying to get Markiplier to play the main character.

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