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Re: Mod Compilation Thread

Is it bad to necro a pinned topic?

Hello, I'm back. I've updated the topic with some of the latest mods for 1.3.11. It should all be good now. I've also purged some of the old mods that don't apply anymore in-game, either due to large code edits, or other misc. reasons.

Re: A Potential/Promising Fix to Low FPS, Lag Spikes, Flickering Textures and some MAVs

TobiasMattsson wrote:How does this tool work?
You download the file, and use it on Containment Breach's .EXE.

If you're asking technically, a (very) simple way to explain it is that it modifies the .EXE in question to allow 32-bit .EXEs to use more than 2GB of RAM.

Re: [Suggestion] Weapons

Alef Castro wrote:But what about they being PART of the story? just appear in some moments to specific reasons,and then you lose them.
No means no. Regalis and others have stated their disdain for it, and it shall stay that way as he's now moved to Barotrauma.

Your best bet is the NTF mod.


it would be so easy if they let somebody work on a linux port :'( i guess they dont see the point There's a Unity Engine and Unreal Engine port going on right now. You can't just simply "port" the game to Linux from Blitz3D, as it is made in a Windows-only engine. The ports are doing that well enou...

Re: thx a bunch

tried to delete it and find by surprise the piece of shit wont get off my pc, everything else can go except the actual .exe file. now i have a 5-6 mb reminder of this shit game on my pc forever. Restart your PC. It happens sometimes, for me it particularly happens when I delete save files manually,...

Re: Bug report

Ely wrote:Is it possible to delete post?
It's only possible to delete posts (and comments) if no one has responded afterwards. Admins are an exception to this rule.

Re: Bug report

Profile settings doesn't save. Next time place this in the Bug reports topic here: And what do you mean by "Profile Settings?" Do you mean the options on the main menu? If so, a basic thing to do would be to check to see if there's a options.ini fil...

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