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Re: SCP-914 Forum Game

I don't think you know what "Course" does. Or know what 001-J is. Output: This "Post" or "Reply." Intake: SCP-696 Setting: Fine " Seeing as this was inactive for some time, I was wondering if this could reactivate it. " - Dr. Imperfect Output: A modern laptop with Microsoft Word in it. Input: Your ...

Re: [Idea] Gasmask Blur

Foxxy wrote:Ok guys, let's stop with this sh*t, this will end in nothing, so, this is an stupid ideia, because you guys don't want to the game grow realistic, i'm locking up...
This is NOT realistic, I repeat NOT. If it were to have that, it would grow to surrealism.

Re: [Idea] Gasmask Blur

The thing is, the gas mask is a gas mask, use it when is realy needly, like a smoke room or somenthing else, this is what you do with the gas mask, and, again, the super gasmask will not have this problem... The thing is, if the overlay you showed us didn't look like you're looking through a butt i...

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