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This Is A Mod For SCP Containment Breach | Check Out The Wiki!
SCP - 096 Has A Promise For A Demo Coming Out..... On The Changlist But Unfortunatly We cant connect to mediafire yet.... but soon we will get a fine connection in v0.3.5!
So.... Put Ideas On The Comments! :173:

Re: Post your "minor" mods here

My Mod Only Has Add-ons. This Will include - Texture Changing, New SCPS, New Items, And New Models. So Any Suggestions About This Post In The Reply's of This Comment! :D Also We Will Be Trying To Get New MTF Models :MTF2: We Will Be Adding Soon "SCP-682" The Most Hardest SCP Model TO Get In The Game...

Re: [0.9.3]SCP Fan Breach mod

Precipitator wrote:
ValveAperture wrote:How DO You Play As SCP - 173? :sad:
It is a bug... It doesn't woork (morph173j). but it should work in older versions in case you have one...
Can You Send Me THe Link OF A Older One?

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