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Re: Is this game dead?

well, i hope the modding community and the game fandom will keep going on. i understand that regalis has some other thing to do at the mysterious place called outside world. but seriously, watching this game stop updating feel like you have to grow up from your childhood.

Re: Is this game dead?

well i changed my mind. i think porting the game to unity might be a good idea since people can contribute more to scp cb since its the most used engine. but can a unity game have good graphic like udk games

im sorry lord regalis

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I take a casual look through Google Images and I find these two people, possibly the blackest people on Earth. Who do you think has the darkest or lightest skintone? Post images. i thin...

Re: Is this game dead?

regalis should hire some people to help him with scp cb. scp cb should get crowd funding to make the game updating frequently. also, how and where do regalis get money to live his life? is he a parent bod that still lives in his parent's garage or does he have a job?

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