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Re: Is this game dead?

well, it's time to port the o'l scp cb to a newer engine. i scrapped the udk one so don't ask me about it. but lord reg, please don't use unity Why not? Can you name a single thing you could do in UDK but not in Unity? I've been using Unity at work for about a year now and don't really see why some...

Re: SCPCBIrrlicht

Irontaco wrote:
SyphenTV wrote:
Hubbawubba64 wrote: UH OH.
Frankly, I'm happy he's putting of the Irrlicht Port. I would love to see what PulseGun becomes in the future.
a meme hell
Damnit taco

I'm too much in meme hell for this

New sounds/music suggestions

Hi, it's been a while, but I figured I'd come back to making random shit so.... here's some stuff: random creepy ambiance The original loop was kinda.... lame.... so here's a remake of the corpse mu...

Re: Sounds/music I wish to show

Hello, I wish to show off a little bit of things I have made for CB Found all of this stuff a long time ago. Surprised you didn't make more, they all sound either decent or really good. Also I'm pretty sure somepeople used your credits song. If Airplane611 is reading this, this is what contributing...

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