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Re: SCP - Keter Breach

juanjpro wrote:
InnocentSam wrote:
FoxySmokeSum420-J wrote: SCP - Box of Horrors Support On Main Menu
Considering that the BoH mod is available under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license (we have no choice but to release it under it's terms), anyone can use our mod in any way they want as long as they give us credit and use the same license.
:P Mk

SCP - Keter Breach

Hello! This is My Mod, Its Currently In Progress And Id Like To Show You Some Things That Are Work In Progress! Red = Not Worked On Yet Orange = Just Started On Yellow = Almost Done Green = Done! Light Containment Tesla's Heavy Containment Tesla's Model Edits SCP/Room Texture Changes Editing Icon So...

Re: [0.9.3] 3D Main Menu

This simple mod changes the Main Menu to display a room of the game. For now, it only displays the starting room, but the final version will change the background as you make progress in the game. Download Open t...

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