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Re: SCP:CB V1.1

SCP – CONTAINMENT BREACH V1.1 The next update of SCP-CB will be released along with Containment Breach – Run. I can’t tell you the exact release date yet, but it’s not that far away! There will be some pretty cool stuff in the update, most of which might look familiar if you’ve tried a mod called B...

Re: Dev Topic #4

hug0905 wrote:
yonzo_rikuo wrote:just lock this thread
Wait until Regalis decides to lock this thread.
It's pinned, you don't lock it until some idiots decide to cause enough anarchy to get this thread in a hole.

Re: Top 20 Forum Members

I don't really see the point in increasing post count, I just post what I want and where I want, I don't worry about all the silly little things about someone having a higher post count than I. #+1post Just kidding please don't ban me it was a joke gais I never got to see the list in full, but I'm ...


Just a random suggestion here, based on the scp containment breach information, and the information on the foundation website, I'd assume the main character would have a little knowledge of 173, and some training to work with it. My idea here is that when 173 is right behind a door and jump-scares ...

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