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Re: SCP - Containment is Magic Mod (V2.2.3)

SCP-CIM wrote:
Mon Jul 15, 2019 9:56 am
Firewolfy wrote:
Sat Jul 13, 2019 10:57 pm
not sure if the intro is supposed to work but everytime they open my cell door the game freezes.
For some unknown reason, my mod is not capbatible with the intro.

I can't fix that sorry.
Have you looked up with debugger what can be wrong?

Re: "Missing" .dll files

I'm struggling to start SCP:CB because every time I try to run the program, it says I'm missing two .dll files that are visible (fmod.dll and zlibwapi.dll) You have to extract the game from archive to make it ...

Re: 1.3.11 Video Memory Error

Whenever I launch the game I get a memory access violation and the report is as follows: An error occured in SCP - Containment Breach! Version: 1.3.11 Save compatible version: 1.3.11 Date and time: 11 Sep 2018 at 19:51:13 Total video memory (MB): -1 Available video memory (MB): -68 Anybody know how...

Re: SCP 1499 Elevator Bug

For this bug, you need: -SCP 1499(The special Gas mask) -Being next to a elevator How to do it -Get in the elevator in the down side(E.G: in the mant. tunnels elevator) -press the elevator button to activate it, wait until the doors get closed -Equip SCP 1499 -Keep SCP 1499 equiped for a while, at ...

Re: I broke both the Doctor & Radical Larry! (SCP 049 & 106)

So I got SCP 714 (Jade Ring) that keeps me alive through the Doctor's touch, went into the surveillance room where he appears while being chased by Larry, & just before the Doctor got me, I ran into Larry. Then I got a black screen. I could open my inventory for a split second, & I could hear the D...

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