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MAV issue on new game

I just tried downloading this game again, and I can't for the life of me get it to work. I've tried all the hotfixes (compatibility mode, running as administrator, no bumpmapping, running both in and out of fullscreen, and disabling the launcher) to no avail. My issue is the game launches correctly,...

Re: How to kill SCP-682

I feel the best idea would indeed just to take his containment cell and launch it into space and out of the solar system, as was previously stated. I understand he adapts to anything and everything, but if he can be contained on earth (seeing as his escape attempts only seem to happen during experim...

Re: 096 seeing himself?

Question I always had was, how much of 096's face do you have to see in order to be boned? Would catching a glimpse of his jawline condemn you? Is it only looking at his eyes? Or do you have to see the entirety of the face for him to go bonkers?

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