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Re: SCP Escape - Year II Event

All GlitchFest Challenges Have Been Posted Just to clarify a couple of notions: • Everyone can still sign up to become a Challenger and Saboteur • Neophyte Levels 1 & 2 Will be Released 2 Days from now Unfortunately, due to time constraints within her schedule, Nepheron has declined the offer to pa...

Re: SCP Escape - Year II Event

Oh boy I can't wait for this to start. Especially with the amount of livestreams being hosted around similar times. I can't wait for Nepheron to do this she actually does these challenges with strategy and humor despite not talking for the majority. But with the occasional head bobbing :) :laugh:

Re: Future update? Theory

Guys, I've found out what it is. Its SCP-427. I have proof from discord n I can show it to u. Anyways, think about it. If 714 is getting removed (according to Vane Brain), shouldnt there be a scp to replace it that can aid the player. Not only does 427 seem a good option in curing the player, but a...

Re: SCP:CB Run

sora wrote:What is the music of the CB Run teaser? I cannot find it anywhere in Y*utube
It tilted a very enchanting evening and try google since it might be an old song.

Re: Happy Holidays

ReptileMonster wrote:
Blue Prefect wrote:
Blue Prefect wrote:Happy New Year's everyone ☺☺🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊
Hey guys a year has passed and I wish everyone a happy new year since mine was very terrible.
What happened?
Death took someone from me very early in 2017.

Re: Introduce yourself thread

Well hello there! I am Dakota, but call me Curry if you want. I adore drawing and animating, aswell as Games(especially Nintendo stuff) and Dinosaurs. This 16 years old :REDACTED: has some serious social anxiety, so please don't be mad at me for not awnsering sometimes or being inactive for 1-2 wee...

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