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Re: Custom ships

ayy does anyone else want to maintain the repo I'm fucking lazy EDIT: in the meantime though here's the old subs that don't break because of the new junction box/engine changes, keep in mind most of them don't play well with cargo (das booty, imperator and scout seem to be fine though, but you're st...

Re: About oxygen

So in all my last games people were dying too fast from suffocating. You or place oxygen in diving suit and it will ran out and you will not notice untill it's too late or it's too late to equip it cause you're dead. So my idea is make key for turning on/off oxygen consumption from mask(diving suit...

Re: Custom ships

I made a small submarine. Power works . Can't figure out the wiring for engine and ballast . Everything else should work , The wiring is a mess. I'll need a working link Hope this link works

Re: Custom ships

Updated the Pharaoh to MK XI Added -Two new rail guns, bottom and rear. -Ballast hatch with closed/open indicators(button is on the bridge) -Landing feet -More material for nuke shell crafting/IC-4 crafting -Two sonar monitors for RG crew. Changed -Existing RG moved foward slightly and arcs increas...

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