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Re: Full Body Awareness

That's the point of the mod. It only causes MAV's. An SCP:CB mod that only causes MAV's, that makes the game infinitely scarier. The point is you got ROUSED sir. It was a ROUSE. A ROUSE. Played like a damn fiddle. In other words, It's just a prank bro. ... Also implying that statement doesn't apply...

Re: [1.2.3] SCP - Nine Tailed Fox Mod (v0.1.1) The Big Update

Add scp-718 please I'll write it as an idea down if you tell me how you had in mind of how it will work in-game. I thought that since you have a gun that you could attack it and it would result in a game over due to the amount of discomfort that having multiple eyes growing out of you would cause

Re: D-9341 memoirs

Why does everyone say that D-9341 is male, when he/she is the player? Is it just because of the 012 scene and the breathing sounds? I usually just replace gender-specific sounds with my own voice, so I'm more immersed in the game.(yet I can't do anything for the MTF that shouts, "There he is!") I k...

Re: More scp-049

Aside from a gate ending of the player has looked him in the face, I can't realy think of anything to add to 096 as he's actually realy chill if you don't see his face. Yeah, there's not really much you can do with him, but I feel he could play a bigger role than he already has 914 needs more retin...

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