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Re: The mystery of the EMP

Could it be that he somehow rewired the reactor so that the shutdown connection is constantly receiving a signal? Or if the shutdown connection is wired to a wifi component in the sub, perhaps he set up another wifi component that keeps sending a shutdown signal to the reactor? There could've also b...

Re: I can not start the game

Good evening, I wanted to know if a person could help me to solve this problem: I installed the game via the website and I run the game via the winrar file it marks me an error message (capture of the message -joint) .Thank you for answering me.

Re: Game concept

WW2Trauma mod, anyone? :)

Anyway, I don't think this is the right subforum for this topic - "general off topic" would be more suitable if it's about a baro-inspired game concept, or "modding" if it's about a hypothetical baro mod. I'll go with the latter for now.


Are you trying to join the server from the same computer you're hosting on? If so, you should not use the external IP (= the IP you see when you use something like, but "" or "localhost". If you're trying to join a computer that's in the same local network, you ...

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