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Re: Containment Breach Unity Edition (2016) - Indev v0.2.2a is out! (11/20/16)

EDIT one more thing, I don't think alot of people know about this project. It may be worth steam greenlighting when its got the intro or other scp's Slow down! We haven't even got to 0.4 and you're already going big! There have actually been some people that played this on Youtube (I only saw one o...

Re: [Map] SCP Facility

I am curious; is someone interested in me creating another SCP Facility map? A lot of new stuff were added, some things got removed... I guess it would be a funny little project for me. Yeah - there's quite some new rooms and SCPs, and also Stendhal Syndrome SCP (forgot the number) was removed (?) ...

Re: Legitimate Some-What Well Written Ideas For Future Versions of Containment Breach.

With code, anything's possible. Limitations can be placed on specific engines like Gamemaker and B3d, but even then a work around is possible to find. With Gamemaker, for example, you cannot work in 3D unless you purchase a non-standard license. But I know for a fact that it's entirely possible to ...

Re: Containment Breach Unity Edition (2016) - Indev v0.2.1 is out! (11/13/16)

So, on the latest build I started the game and picked up the starter items. Then I went to open the door, and stepped backwards since I knew 173 would be there. Next thing I know 173 is diagonally left of me and has already snapped my neck without me even blinking.

Re: Communal Ban List

This looks like a good idea, we should keep it up. I hope I'm not necroposting by doing this:

I'd like to report three people (probably the same guy under a VPN):


All three blew up the reactor.

Re: Hotbar system

I think a utility belt would be a good solution to this, possibly attached to the jumpsuit to give people another reason to not instantly jump into diving suits, security could have holsters for batons too.. Pretty good idea. [...] (since its quite weird to see someone have 5 Welders in his "pocket...

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