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Re: 2 new scps!

ReptileMonster wrote:I think SCP-303 could be bypassed, even when it's at a door, with SCP-714, since the fear factor is technically memetic. otherwise, nice idea.
ok PD : duckies! :duck: :duck:

Re: 2 new scps!

Dmitriy-Bars wrote:The idea with SCP-427 was already offered; moreover, there was a mod that added this object.

But now its model (as well as the mod) is lost. :doubt:

Ohh that bad for the scp 427, but who thinks about scp 303 in the game? :D

2 new scps!

I propose that in the new version of the game, there may be more scp, among them the scp 303, this could appear in some times in the game, and the player can hear his deep breathing in the heavy containment zone and that when found To scp 303 behind a door, the player can not enter the door, the way...

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