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Game cannot launch.

Im making this in a hurry since its deciding to be a arse.
Anyways, whats happenin' is that SCP:CB is saying fmod.dll is missing from the computer, even after following Vane Brains steps, where i put it in sys32, it just.
Whats going on?!
i use windows 10 btw.

Re: SCP: Containment Breach

My head is hurting. Blitz3D was made in 2001, and it isnt a 2D sofware. BlitzBASIC (what AgentParadox possibly referring to) was the original engine for the game, before being transferred to 3D. BASIC was made in 2000, so SCP:CB uses a engine from 16/17 years ago. Barotrauma was made in 2015, and is...

Re: SCP - Containment Breach

My head hurts, but as Paradox said: You cant change a SCP, or it will have alot of negative backlash, nor changing the logo AND the name of the game. If 012 were to be changed, it'd have to be under -10 rating on the writing wikia and hated. Unless you want to change SCP-682 or 012, get a wikidot ac...

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