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Re: [1.3.8] How to Mod/Edit Items?

What you are going to need is a program called Blitz3D, which will let you edit and compile the source ".bb" files that contains the code for the game. You can find the source files for SCP v1.3.8 on github here . I don't remember where I downloaded Blitz3D from, but if you google around or ask some...

Re: SCP: Containment Breach

I mean, you're being told half a million times that SCP:CP runs on Blitz3D. So either your pattern recognition is incredibly poor or you are trying to be funny. Pretty sure people who have actually worked on the game or played around with the engine know just a tiny bit more about the subject than y...

Re: Auto-using an keycard?

I mean, yeah, it is possible. Just a simple modification to the keycard scanner in the source and a few lines of code. But the change is probably so insignificant, no one would bother unless they themselves wanted to make it and then released it to others to use.

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